February 25, 2008

Tim Kleinschmidt

This blog serves one purpose: helping to elect Tim Kleinschmidt to the Texas House of Representatives in 2008. With Democrat Robby Cook retiring, now is a great time for conservatives to capture another seat in the Texas House. Tim Kleinschmidt is the man that will do just that in November.

Here is his campaign website.

Here is a pdf of House District 17.

The Democratic primary next Tuesday will decide who Tim will face in the general election. One of the candidates, Latreese Cooke, has a criminal past and doesn't even live in the district!

The other candidate, Donnie Dippel, was hired by wacky liberal Jim Hightower to work in the Texas Department of Agriculture. He has also been endorsed by the Texas State Teachers Association, a liberal union that is opposed to school choice.

Whichever Democrat candidate wins the primary, Tim Kleinschmidt will campaign and win on a conservative platform. This blog will follow the race and provide updates to the voters in the district, which includes Colorado, Fayette, Lee, Bastrop, Burleson and parts of Brazos counties.