October 16, 2008

Where is Donnie Dippel?

The group Empower Texans has a good post up about Democrat state representative candidate Donnie Dippel, who is refusing to debate Republican candidate Tim Kleinschmidt.

An open seat race for a competitive Texas House district should be a-buzz with activity. So why is it so completely one-sided in central Texas' HD17, where Democrat nominee Donnie Dippel is refusing to do public debates and isn't seen much around the district. Seems the only people talking about his race are the Austin liberal bloggers. It's a good thing Republican nominee Tim Kleinschmidt is right on the issues, and working the district, or voters might think no one cared.

The way to win this campaign is to knock on doors, make phone calls and talk to as many voters as possible. Tim's strategy is a solid one, and he should continue to do this to pull off the victory on November 4th.

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