October 16, 2008

Who supports Donnie Dippel?

It's clear that the Democrat in the race for Texas House District 17 has received the support of the usual suspects on the left: unions, liberal bloggers and liberal newspapers.

The district is conservative, and shares the conservative values of lower taxes, less government and more freedom. But Donnie Dippel has the support of liberal interest groups and brags on his website about his opposition to school choice.

Conservative Democrats in the district should take a hard look at both candidates in this race, and ask themselves who will be better for the economy of Texas. Tim Kleinschmidt wants lower taxes and has the endorsement of pro-taxpayer groups like Empower Texans and The Young Conservatives of Texas.

I know we have a history of conservative Democrats in Texas, but the party has moved to the left over the years. If you are a conservative Democrat, you might want to consider switching over and voting for Tim. Better yet, you should probably review the platform of the Democrat party, which does not share your values on both economic and social issues.

Teachers unions, trial lawyers and liberal bloggers support policies that add to the cost of doing business in the state. These folks are not the best protectors of taxpayer dollars, to say the least. It's time the 17th district got a true conservative in the state legislature, to represent our the conservative voters in the district.

Vote for Tim Kleinschmidt on November 4th.

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